Reiki Level 1: Foundations




Learning to self-heal and heal others, through the practice of Reiki, is an exciting and profound journey filled with self-discovery and personal growth. 

Reiki is ever-present within our bodies, which means anyone can harness this profound in-built healing intelligence.

Once attuned to this gift of healing it remains within us for the rest of our lives.


You will learn how to listen to your own inner wisdom, to be present to the subtle messages the body offers, and understand how to respond.


Through learning how to identify and alleviate imbalances, we can help reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, irregular digestion, and so much more.

This course is suitable for anyone seeking to learn a practice that supports deep inner healing and self-development, as well as those who feel the call to help others in need of support.

As a Reiki practitioner you will become more sensitive to your own energy, the energy of others and your surrounding environment.


If you work in the wellness industry; as a yoga teacher, life coach or massage therapist; this practice will help you to read the energy of a person or group more intuitively, connect with your clients on a deeper level, and offer a healing touch when needed.


This course will teach you how to work with energy in a safe way that leaves you feeling empowered rather than depleted. 

You are likely to find that the more you practice, the more connected you will feel to yourself, others and the world around you.

Our greatest healer is within each and every one of us.


Suitable for all experience levels.

This course integrates a theoretical introduction to the philosophy, history, and protocols of using Reiki,  with practical Reiki healing sessions and supporting energetic practices. It will provide you with the knowledge and hands-on experience required to fully explore this healing art and feel confident in your abilities as a Reiki practitioner.

By the end of this training, you will have everything you need to develop a daily self-healing practice, offer treatments to friends and family, and continue receiving the lasting benefits Reiki has to offer.​

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What You Will Learn



- History of Reiki

- What Reiki is and how it works

- Benefits of Reiki

- Five Reiki Principles

- How Reiki attunements work

- How to apply a self-treatment and treat others

- Physical and emotional anatomy

- Reiki and Pregnancy

- How to clear your aura and prepare a sacred space

- Reiki meditations

- Reiki detoxification guidelines

- Your Reiki lineage

- Reiki codes of ethics

What's Included











How do the online courses work?

The number of live teaching hours you will receive is exactly the same as if you were to attend an in-person course.



The first attunement is given 1-1, and the remaining 3 are given as group attunements. Upon booking, we will arrange a mutually convenient date and time for your 1-1 attunement. 



You will receive your digital, printable manual and guided self-healing audios via email. These are all downloadable.



​To participate in the online courses you will need access to a computer, laptop or tablet with the Zoom app downloaded onto your device, and a strong internet connection. 


You will receive links to the four live Zoom calls via email. The calls will include a balance of theoretical learning, practical self-healing exercises and interactive, relaxed discussions.​

In case you miss a session or would like to re-watch the Zoom calls, these will all be recorded. It is recommended not to miss more than one session as this will impact your experience of the course.


Sessions 3 & 4 have been spaced out to allow you time to practice the self-healing techniques at home. 


In Session 3 you will be given clear guidance on how to offer a Reiki treatment to another person. You will need to find a friend or family member to practice giving a treatment to at some stage during the week before our final session.


There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions and share your experiences of self-healing and treating others.


There will a short online assessment that you will need to complete to successfully graduate. This is intended to help you solidify what we have learnt throughout the training.


Upon completion of the course you will be emailed your Reiki Level 1 certificate.


Maximum 10 participants. To avoid disappointment, book now to secure your place.

Upcoming 2022 dates coming soon!


I am very grateful to Kate for starting me on Reiki Level 1 and 2. Those four days of total immersion in her energy were the key to healing myself. Her kindness and powerful energy have been a precious gift that I will keep forever with me. Thanks for the care and love that you transmitted to me in those days, and for the healing effect that I still feel surrounding myself after a month from the end of the course.

Reiki Testimonial - the space between healing


Frequently Asked Questions

Which Reiki system do you teach?

Kate's lineage is that of the Usui Reiki tradition. Her teachings are based on traditional Japanese Usui Reiki, combined with a selection of complimentary practices from other spiritual traditions. It is important to understand that the practice of Reiki has undergone a steep evolution since it was brought to the West in the late 1930s. As a result, there are very few Reiki Masters, even those practicing in Japan, who are teaching in 100% alignment with Mikao Usui's original practices. Although many people think they are practicing traditional Usui Reiki, this is usually not the case. For example, it is common to find Reiki trainings that include teachings and practices related to the chakra system. Although this system is not part of traditional Reiki, it actually compliments it very well. As Reiki practitioners and teachers it is our reponsibility to make ourselves aware of additions or changes to traditional practices and consciously decide if they are of benefit or not.

What is an attunement?

An attunement, sometimes called an initiation, is a subtle, directed healing ceremony given by a Reiki Master who uses specific hand positions, symbols and mantras to connect the recipient to the pure source of Reiki. The ability to channel Reiki is transferred directly from Master to student. This process is yet to be found in other healing practices, making it unique to Reiki. Receiving an attunement is a powerful spiritual process, and one of the most important aspects of learning to become a Reiki practitioner. Once attuned, you will have the ability to practice Reiki on both yourself and others for the rest of your life.

What payment options and currencies do you accept?

Although our prices are stated in USD, we accept worldwide currencies. Full payment must be made before a course commences. Reiki Level 1 and 2 group course bookings can be paid for via Paypal or debit/credit card via the website. Payments for all private courses are to be made via bank transfer. Accepted currencies include USD, AUD, NZD, EUR, GBP and IDR.

Do your courses qualify me to practice Reiki professionally?

You may not be aware of this, but there are no set standards for Reiki education or practice. It is the responsibility of the Reiki community to maintain its own standards.

The benefit of this is that it has allowed Reiki to become more accessible; helping to heal people worldwide, to whom it may not have been available to under different circumstances.

The negative impact is that unfortunately not all Reiki courses are taught to a high standard. For this reason it is important to do your research and find a Reiki Master that you feel aligned with.

Kate's ongoing devotion to personal growth and transformation has led her to train worldwide with international Reiki Masters, Yoga and meditation teachers, Pranic, Shamanic and Buddhist healers. After training as a Reiki Level 1 & 2 practitioner in Cambodia, Kate completed her Reiki Master studies, 200 hour Yoga Instructor, and 55 hour Meditation Teacher certifications in Thailand, going on to study Shamanic Reiki healing and a further 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Indonesia.

Kate has had the pleasure of guiding over 300 individual Reiki healing sessions. She has over 1,000 hours experience teaching Reiki, Yoga and meditation trainings, workshops and classes, and taught Reiki as part of the first Gili Air Slow Food and Yoga Festival.

The courses Kate offers are comprehensive, thorough and of a high standard. They include an even balance of theory and practice, that will provide you with the knowledge, practical skills, confidence and motivation required to maintain a regular self-healing practice, and deliver professional Reiki treatments to others.

Kate has a clear, reputable lineage that traces directly back to Mikao Usui, the founder of traditional Usui Reiki. This lineage will be passed onto you during your attunements.

To be able to practice Reiki professionally, with integrity, the more practice you do; the better. It is recommended to become qualified in Reiki Level 1 and 2, at a minimum.

As a Level 2 practitioner, you will become attuned to the symbols, which upgrades your ability to channel Reiki. You will also learn a range of other useful techniques, including how to give distance treatments.

Are remote attunements as effective as in-person ones?

As Reiki has the ability to transcend space and time, attunements are just as effective when given by distance, as they are in-person. Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki, would often attune his students by simply sitting in meditation with them. There was no physical contact; only energetic transmission. Whether you are receiving an attunement in-person or by distance, everyone's experience is always unique. Some people report having profound mystical experiences, whereas others may not feel much at all. In either case, the attunement will still be just as effective at opening the channel required to practice Reiki.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

As a small business, every cancellation has a significant financial and energetic impact. If you are unable to attend a course please give a minimum of 24 hours notice, and arrangements will be made to re-schedule your booking. It is also possible to pass your booking onto another person upon agreement. Unfortunately refunds are not available. Sometimes last minute schedule changes, due to unforeseen events, may require that a course be rescheduled or cancelled. In the event that a course is cancelled by us, then participants will be notified immediately by email and/or phone and offered a reschedule date or full refund. Refunds will be made within 24 hours of cancellation, via the same method as the original payment was received.

What is the difference between learning Reiki offline or online?


- The number of teaching hours and supporting material you receive is exactly the same whether you choose to learn Reiki online or offline.


- OFFLINE: Courses are taught in-person from the privacy of Kate's home in Ubud, Bali. You will have the benefit of receiving printed copies of your manual and certificate, in addition to digital versions.

- ONLINE: A unique quality of the online trainings is that we can connect across the globe. The course will be delivered live via 4x Zoom calls. To participate in the online courses you will need access to a computer, laptop or tablet with the Zoom app downloaded onto your device, and a strong internet connection. You will receive digital copies of all the supporting material, plus your certificate; all of which can be downloaded and printed if you so wish.


- OFFLINE: Courses are taught over a period of 2 consecutive days, which tends to intensify the immersive, experiential nature of the trainings.

- ONLINE: As the online trainings are spaced over the course of 2 weeks, this breaks the content up into digestible chunks, which may help you to integrate the learnings more effectively.


- OFFLINE: Meditations and self-healing techniques will be practiced together. There will also be the opportunity to practice giving a treatment to another person while Kate is present to help guide and support the process.

- ONLINE: As with the offline courses, the meditations and self-healing techniques will be practiced together. However, given that we will not be in a room together, it will not be possible to practice giving treatments to one another during lesson time. Although Kate will give you clear guidance on how to practice the techniques on other people, it will be your responsibility to find a partner to practice on and guide yourself through the treatment. There will be an opportunity to discuss your experience of this in the final Zoom call.


- OFFLINE: Attunements are given in-person. After receiving the attunements you will begin a 21 day detox that can sometimes bring up physical and/or emotional 'healing reactions'. If you have any questions or concerns that come up after the course ends, you are always welcome to contact Kate via email.

- ONLINE: Attunements are given remotely. Upon booking your course, we will arrange mutually suitable dates and times for these, via email. You will be guided on how to prepare yourself and your space. If we are unable to arrange an appointment during your daytime, due to time differences or any other factors, attunements are just as effective when given at night, while the receiver is sleeping. If you experience any 'healing reactions' in the first 2 weeks of your detox period, there will be an opportunity to discuss this during the Zoom calls. You are also more than welcome to contact Kate via email after the course ends.


- OFFLINE: When practiced regularly, Reiki can offer such a multitude of life-changing benefits. For this reason, you will be greatly encouraged to find a way to integrate self-healing into your daily routine, after the course ends. The guided self-healing audios are there to help you with this.

- ONLINE: The extended timing of the online courses creates the opportunity for you to practice the self-healing techniques at home, before the course ends. As part of our lessons, we will discuss your experience of this, and any questions that may have come up. You may find that this makes you more accountable to do the practice, and as a result, find it easier to continue doing so after the course ends.


Whether you choose to join Kate for your Reiki journey offline or online, she is always available via email, to answer any questions or concerns that may come up after the course ends.