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Shadow on the Wall


Guidance & Support Along Your Reiki Journey.

The more we practice Reiki the deeper we go, and this is where the learning truly begins.

When Mikao Usui was teaching Reiki, his students would often meet with him for regular sessions where they could ask questions, practice techniques and receive re-attunements.

Mentorship Could be a Good Fit If You...

Are lacking clarity around certain areas within your practice.

Would like to receive a re-attunement to boost your Reiki connection.

Are seeking inspiration and accountability to help re-establish a regular practice.​

Would like to gain more experience practicing certain techniques in a supportive environment with constructive feedback.

Have questions about your personal experiences with Reiki.

Are considering taking the next level of training, but want to revisit certain topics from your previous training(s) first.

Would like to deepen your self-Reiki practice and gain confidence giving treatments to others.

Need support transitioning into professional practice.

Are seeking guidance building or developing your Reiki business.

Online Mentorship via Zoom

Custom-designed sessions and workshops to suit your individual needs.


Price: £50 GBP for the first hour & £30/hour for any additional hours.


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