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Shadow on the Wall
Little School of Reiki

Beginners Guide to Reiki

Whether you're interested in learning Reiki for its self-healing benefits, as a modality to offer friends and family, or as a professional career path, you're in the right place!

All courses are delivered 1-1 live, either online via Zoom or in person from Ubud.



From Beginner to Master Teacher



Ubud | Bali

Certified Reiki Trainings

Shadow on the Wall

The Quality of your Life Depends on the Quality of your Energy.



Every time you experience an emotion that you are not able to fully process, it becomes lodged in your energy body.

An “energy blockage” can feel like a silent force that blocks your ability to heal, grow and move forward in life.

These can manifest as feelings of frustration, fear, shame or sadness that get repeatedly triggered by certain people or situations.

They can show up as recurring beliefs or behaviour patterns that leave you feeling weak or unworthy.

Or a traumatic memory caught on a loop.

By learning Reiki, you will discover how to locate and dissolve these energetic blockages in yourself and others, reclaim control of your emotions, feel more confident, calm and at peace with yourself. 

Shadow on the Wall

I truly believe that there are no coincidences in life, only synchronicities. Whatever breadcrumbs led you here, I am grateful that our paths have crossed and am excited to connect with you!

Over the years I have seen from my own personal experience that learning Reiki has the ability to deeply impact and transform lives, when learnt and practiced in a supportive environment.

I founded Little School of Reiki with the intention of creating a space that honours the deeply intimate nature of learning this healing practice, by keeping group trainings small, offering 1-1 courses, and only teaching in a live capacity, whether online or face-to-face. 

Courses have been carefully designed to offer an equal balance of theory, practice, Q&As, and ongoing support, giving you the confidence and skills required to continue practicing long after a course ends.

Hi, I'm Kate,


Reiki Master Teacher

Founder of Little School of Reiki.

Kate Parrott | Reiki Master Teacher
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Start Your Journey of Self-Discovery Today


Re-connect with your true authentic nature, path and purpose that lies beneath the veil of society's conditioning.

"Reiki energy has allowed me to feel more connected to myself and others."

Kate was the listening ear and guidance I needed throughout the process. Working with Reiki energy has allowed me to feel more connected to myself and others, stretching, mending and dissipating boundaries. Thank you, Kate!

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