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Shadow on the Wall

Over the years I have seen from my own personal experience that learning Reiki has the ability to deeply impact and transform lives, when learnt and practiced in a supportive environment.

Whatever invisible thread it was that drew you here, I am grateful that our paths have crossed and am excited to connect with you!

Hi, I'm Kate,


Reiki Master Teacher

Founder of Little School of Reiki.

Kate Parrott | Reiki Master Teacher





I founded Little School of Reiki with the intention of creating a space that honours the deeply intimate nature of learning this healing practice, by keeping group trainings small, offering 1-1 courses, and only teaching in a live capacity, whether online or face-to-face. 



As an unregulated industry, the way that Reiki courses are taught is down to the integrity of the Reiki Master teaching you. 


Little School of Reiki is dedicated to upholding the values of quality and authenticity.

Reiki is such an integral part of my everyday life. The practices I teach are the practices I use myself, because they really work. 



Courses combine a compliment of teachings from traditional Japanese lineages with Western Reiki practices, offering a down-to-earth, digestible approach to a sacred esoteric system of healing. 



By offering an equal balance of theory, practice, Q&As, and ongoing support, together we create a strong foundation for building a life-long practice.



These courses are so much more than certifications; Reiki is a gift that will continue to guide the rest of your life. 


I am grateful and humbled say that I am still in touch with almost all of my past students. 90% of them are still practicing Reiki on a regular basis, and 50% of them are practicing in a professional capacity.  


This tried-and-tested teaching approach has been intentionally designed to give you the skills, knowledge and opportunities to experience the real-life transformational benefits Reiki has to offer, so that you leave feeling inspired and confident to continue practicing and evolving into your highest, most authentic expression of yourself, long after a course ends.

Shadow on the Wall


Reiki Testimonial

Courtney, USA

When Kate introduced me to Reiki, I experienced real, life-changing shifts. She creates a safe, authentic healing space - being in her presence is so calming. The Reiki sessions I received from her were so powerful and cleansing, and Kate was so loving and kind.

Reiki Testimonial

Melodie, France

I loved the way that Kate taught - very gentle and diligent. I immediately connected with her - she really gives off a soothing vibe and does everything she can to make you feel confident. I can highly recommend her, no matter what your level is.

Reiki Testimonial

Isabella, USA

Kate's calming presence and knowledge of Reiki is outstanding. She held a beautiful, safe healing space, and I cannot wait to come back for level 2! Not only a wonderful teacher and healer, but an overall beautiful human being.

Kate Parrott | Reiki Master Teacher
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A spark of curiosity was what drew me to learn Reiki - the immense journey of self-healing, personal growth and self-discovery it ended up taking me on, totally caught me by surprise!



2015 was a pivotal turning point in my life.  


I had always had a passion for making art and curating exhibitions, so I couldn’t believe my luck when I was approached by an agent who was interested in representing me and selling my artwork. Then, just a couple of weeks later, I managed to land myself a job as an Event Co-ordinator for a well-known art fair.


I was living in London building what I had imagined would be my dream career, working as an artist and managing exhibitions, but I was miserable. Feeling burnt-out and depressed had somehow become my norm, and I couldn't figure out why.

This wasn't the first time I'd quit my job and left England, but something was different this time.


Enticed by a volunteer opportunity with an NGO project in Borneo, I  bid farewell to London life and set  off without much of a plan beyond this 3-month program. 


A series of serendipitous events eventually led me to Cambodia, where despite my limited experience back then, I began working at a yoga and healing centre.


It just so happened that the lady who ran the centre was an incredible Reiki Master, so when she offered to teach me I jumped at the chance, and was instantly hooked!



I was mesmerised (and still am!) by the physical sensations of Reiki energy that flowed through my hands and body, and more importantly, the deep healing that began to occur.


As unprocessed feelings and memories that I hadn’t even realised were there, came to surface, the truth of who I really was started to reveal itself.


As I began to feel better on the inside, to my amazement, my outer appearance started to change too! The excess physical weight I had been carrying simply fell off without any conscious effort; my teeth became whiter; my shapeless frizzy hair turned into curly ringlets; and these were just some of the aesthetics! 



I had spent so many years unknowingly stifling the sensitive, introverted parts of myself that society viewed as "weaknesses", I had forgotten who I was.


And wearing a "mask" because we feel like it's not ok to be ourselves is exhausting!


Burn-outs are just as likely to occur from over-masking as they are from over-working; most often, a combination of the two.


However these behaviours were so deeply ingrained, they weren't something I was able to fully understand or tackle on a conscious level.


Only when the energetic blocks began to dissolve, was I able to start re-connecting with the essence of what makes me, “me”.


My perspective on what I had once seen as “negative” traits began to change and things softly started to fall into place. 


When I look at my life today, living in Bali with my dog Luna and my two adorable cats, surrounded by nature, running my own business doing work that feels truly creative and purposeful; living in a way that honours my sensitive, introverted nature; it couldn't be further from the London hustle that I left behind seven years ago. 



Reiki has transformed my life in so many ways, I feel grateful and humbled to be able to share this gift with you, and bare witness to your own journey of healing, growth and self-discovery.


I have been fortunate to train worldwide with highly skilled Reiki Masters, Yoga and meditation teachers, Buddhist healers and monks. I am certified to teach and practice a variety of Reiki systems, including traditional Usui, Holy Fire III ®, World Peace and Shamanic Reiki, alongside Thai massage, Pranic healing, Yoga and meditation.


I have had the pleasure of guiding over 500 individual healing sessions and have over 4,000 hours experience teaching Reiki trainings from Level 1 up to Master Teacher level, as well as Yoga and meditation trainings. These have included teaching Reiki as part of the first  Gili Air Slow Food and Yoga Festival, leading 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher trainings and assisting 55 hour Yin Yoga teacher trainings. 

Interview with Gili Air Slow Food and Yoga Festival

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