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Reiki Testimonial

"I am still amazed by how strongly I felt the energy flowing through my body. "


I had a Reiki session with Kate and I can deeply recommend it to everyone! It was just wonderful, and I am still amazed by how strongly I felt the energy flowing throughout my body. Even if I can’t explain how Reiki works, it is an experience I would like to invite everyone to try. Kate created a perfect atmosphere with her warm and welcoming appearance. It was really lovely to meet her!


Reiki Testimonial

"I could feel warmth coming from her hands, and tingling all over my body"


I have had the chance to receive a few Reiki sessions from Kate, both in-person and by distance. She is an amazing Reiki healer. She is very intuitive, her energy is calming, she is very warm-hearted and empathetic.

Once Kate started the in-person treatment I could feel a lot of warmth coming from her hands and tingling all over my body. I was sinking into a very deep state of relaxation. She could tell me so much about what was going on in my body energetically, and what the connection to mental topics was as well. Talking to her gave me so many important insights and understandings about myself. She definitely took a big part in my spiritual journey, and through knowing her, I am able to grow even more still.

The distance Reiki is simply magical. We set a time for the treatment and I was laying down on my bed at home. Then she sent me energy from the other end of the world and every time (!), I could feel the energy in my body like a warm wave filled with love, light and healing. I felt like I was floating. It made me feel so much better every time I received the distance Reiki and I am so thankful to Kate for sharing this beautiful gift with the world.


Reiki Testimonial

"It gave me a lot of energy and a big uplift."

Having never experienced Reiki before, and not knowing what to expect, I am happy to say that the sessions I received from Kate were really amazing!


I found I became very comfortable and relaxed, catching huge warmth from Kate as the session went on. Enjoying “me time” was wonderful. I had a lot of energy, and felt very uplifted and happy afterwards.


At the time I was getting a lot of pain in my right hip - although I hadn’t mentioned it to her, Kate was still able to pick up on it, and my hip felt a lot more comfortable and manageable afterwards.


A few months later, having had a total hip replacement, Kate sent me distance Reiki, and WOW, this really worked! Again, it gave me loads of energy and a big uplift to crack on with my rehab.


Everyone and anyone will benefit from, and enjoy Reiki with Kate - she really has a special gift to give. If you had asked me a few years ago about Reiki, I would not have known what it was - now I can’t wait for my next session!



Reiki Testimonial

"I feel more connected to myself and others."


Kate’s approach to guiding new students into the Reiki world is gentle and understanding. As the journey began, I found it very helpful to have someone by my side each step of the way. Kate was the listening ear and guidance I needed throughout this process. Working with Reiki energy has allowed me to feel more connected to myself and others - stretching, mending and dissipating boundaries.


Thank you Kate!

Erica, USA


Reiki Testimonial

"Each session is different, but the uniting thread is the profundity of the insights and sensations I receive."


I've had the privilege of receiving healing sessions, Reiki training and attunements from Kate since the early part of 2020. Each time I receive healing, I am blown away by how powerful she and the Reiki energy are. Each session is different, but the uniting thread is the profundity of the insights and sensations I receive. 


I took my first level 1 and 2 training with Kate in person as a one-on-one course. The intimacy of this experience and Kate's vast knowledge of different healing modalities and practices, along with her willingness to go deep, allowed the learnings to be enriched by my own interests. Kate's welcoming and flexible approach helped me to feel safe in exploring this new terrain, and ultimately my connection with myself.


Recently, I joined Kate's level 1 and 2 courses online as part of a group and have been further blown away - something I should really be beginning to expect by now! The structure of the courses ensured that we didn't receive information overload and gave us time to integrate the lessons and practices. Meanwhile, Kate's ability to hold space was so supportive in facilitating our connection with each other as well as with her. 


Kate's intention behind and passion for what she does is clearly visible in her course materials, which are not only beautifully designed, but also thorough and presented in a readily digestible way. 


Overall, I am beyond impressed with and inspired by Kate's ability to harness her love of Reiki into such meaningful offerings. Not to mention, I am incredibly humbled and honoured to have received them. Without reservation, I recommend Kate if you are at all curious to learn more about Reiki - and yourself.

Melanie, USA


(in-person & online)

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Reiki Testimonial

"I felt some deeply powerful shifts taking place as Kate initiated me into the Reiki energy, and I know that they have shifted me forever."


I attended Kate's online Reiki 1 and 2 recently and it’s taken me a while to integrate and understand the effect it’s had on me on so many different levels.

Firstly, I just want to say thank you Kate! The course was expertly run with a session timetable that fitted my lifestyle perfectly. The course material was exceptionally well presented with beautifully crafted online presentations and 2 in-depth and very helpful handbooks. 

The highlight for me was the Reiki attunements that were all done virtually. I had some healthy scepticism around the whole thing but Kate’s power as a Reiki Master was phenomenal! I felt some deeply powerful shifts taking place as she initiated me into the Reiki energy and I know that they have shifted me forever.

Kate’s approach was calm, kind and supportive. If you are thinking about entering into the wonderful world of Reiki I recommend this course 100%. I am planning to do my Master level with Kate some time in the future and I can’t thank her enough for offering this wonderful life-changing course.

Nickyy, UK


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