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Shadow on the Wall

Reiki Level 1

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything."


-Lao Tzu


Are you curious to learn how to work with energy?


Seeking deep inner healing and personal-development?




Do you feel the call to help others in need of support?




Would you like to discover how to identify and heal energetic imbalances in yourself and others, to help ease symptoms of stress and anxiety, regulate your hormones, digestion, and improve your quality of sleep? 




​Whether you're interested in learning Reiki for its self-healing benefits, as a modality to offer friends and family, or as a professional career path, Reiki Level 1 is the perfect place to begin your energy healing journey.

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Why Learn Reiki?




Daily Self-Care


Whether we like it or not, every day things happen that unbalance our nervous systems. Learning Reiki provides you with the self-care tools you need to bring yourself back to balance, before energy blockages set in and become destructive.

Simple & Effective


Applying a self-Reiki treatment is so simple, yet incredibly effective. It’s easy to incorporate into your daily life, and is always available at your fingertips!



If you have an existing meditation practice, you will find that learning Reiki helps to deepen it, and take it to a new level. And if you struggle with meditation, you might be pleasantly surprised how much easier it becomes!

Helping Others


Reiki offers us a unique, heart-opening way of connecting with others. As part of becoming a Reiki practitioner you will also learn how to facilitate healing for others, helping them to transform, grow, and live happier, healthier lives too.

Safe & Sustainable


Unlike many other energy practices, the wonderful thing about Reiki is that you are not using your own energy to heal others. This prevents you from taking on other people’s energy and feeling depleted after giving a treatment.


Healing Circuit


When you give someone a Reiki treatment the energy has to flow through you. This means that when you are giving Reiki healing you are also receiving Reiki healing, so the more you give, the more energised you become!


Potential New Career Path


Becoming a Reiki practitioner can open the door to a deeply fulfilling and purposeful career path, and for those who are seeking to learn a practice that compliments their existing services, such as yoga teaching, massage or coaching, learning Reiki will help you to read the energy of your clients more intuitively, connect with them on a deeper level, and offer a healing touch when needed.


Increases Intuition


Learning Reiki will help to magnify your intuitive abilities, and can even offer a gateway to the development of psychic abilities. As your intuition develops, you will become more open to receive insights; more aware of synchronicities and better equipped to embrace opportunities as they appear.

Reconnect with Your Body


Reiki will help you to feel more in tune with your body and better able to honour its fluctuating needs. Deciding what to eat, when to exercise, when to rest or when to keep going, will start to feel more natural and intuitive.


Profound Self-Awareness


As your level of self-awareness becomes heightened, the essence of your true authentic nature, path and purpose, that lies beneath all the societal programming you’ve been conditioned by, will start to reveal itself.


Gain a New Perspective


Once you have experienced the sensation of Reiki energy coursing through your palms, and witnessed the transformational effect that Reiki has on everything it touches, you will start to see reality in a whole new light!

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Register Now

Online & Face-to-Face Trainings in Bali

Small group trainings and 1-1 courses are available in-person, from Ubud | Bali or online, live via Zoom.

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Reiki Training | Little School of Reiki

What You Will Learn

This training will provide you an introduction to the theory and practicalities of using Reiki for self-healing, and to treat others. A combination of lectures, practical healing sessions, meditation practices, and plenty of opportunities to ask questions, will provide you with the knowledge and hands-on experience required to fully explore this healing art and gain confidence in your abilities as a Reiki practitioner.​

By the end of this training, you will have everything you need to develop a daily self-healing practice, offer treatments to friends and family, and continue receiving the lasting benefits Reiki has to offer.​​

Reiki Healing


History of Reiki

What Reiki is & how it works

Reiki science

Benefits of Reiki

Five Reiki Principles

How Reiki attunements work

How to apply a self-Reiki treatment

How to give Reiki to others

Physical & emotional anatomy

Reiki & pregnancy

How to clear your aura

How to prepare a sacred space

Reiki meditations

Reiki detoxification guidelines

Your Reiki lineage

Reiki codes of ethics


What's Included

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Course Details




Trainings are available both online and face-to-face in Ubud | Bali.

Face-to-face trainings are taught from the privacy of my home in Ubud, surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature.

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Face to Face




Private trainings on request

Ubud | Bali

Max. 1 or 2 people



One-to-one: £235

2 people: £185 each

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Group Training

3x weekends

4x live Zoom calls

Max. 6 participants



Price: £185

How Do The Online Courses Work?





4x live Zoom calls over the course of 3x weekends.

Zoom calls will all be recorded, in case you miss a session or would like to re-watch them. It is recommended not to miss more than one live session as this will impact your experience of the course.






The first attunement is given 1-1, and the remaining 3 are given as group attunements during our live Zoom sessions. Upon booking, we will arrange a mutually convenient date and time for your 1-1 attunement.





To help you master the techniques and integrate the teachings, you will be given a selection of Reiki practices to do at home, between sessions. These can take anywhere between 15 mins - 1 hour a day. 

You will be given clear guidance on how to offer a Reiki treatment to another person, and in the week before our final session, you will need to find a friend or family member to practice on.

There will be opportunities to share your experience of practicing at home and discuss any questions that may come up.






You will have access to a shared folder that contains your manual, self-healing audios, music and Zoom recordings, which are all downloadable.

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More Than a Certification


These courses have been intentionally designed to give you the skills, knowledge and opportunities to experience the real-life transformational benefits Reiki has to offer, so that you leave feeling inspired and confident to continue practicing and evolving into your highest, most authentic expression of yourself, long after the course ends.

Our greatest healer is within each and every one of us.

Shadow on the Wall

1-1 Trainings


Looking for a more personalised experience?



If you prefer learning 1-1, private trainings are also available both online and in-person.


Face-to-face trainings are taught from the privacy of my home in Ubud, surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature.


Price: £235


Reiki Testimonial

Erica, USA

Kate’s approach to guiding new students into the Reiki world is gentle and understanding. Working with Reiki energy has allowed me to feel more connected to myself and others - stretching, mending and dissipating boundaries.

Thank you Kate!

Reiki Testimonial

Nicky, UK

This is so much more than a course, it is truly life changing!

I had some healthy scepticism around the whole thing but Kate's power as a Reiki Master was phenomenal! I felt some deeply powerful shifts taking place as she initiated me into the Reiki energy, and I know they have shifted me forever.

Reiki Testimonial

Tina, Slovakia

I have such vivid memories of the Reiki initiation process - the moment that changed everything - “feeling what I couldn’t feel before". Thank you Kate for what you passed onto me, that sparked my long-lasting passion for energy work. 

1-1 Trainings


Looking for a more personalised experience?

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