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Awaken your Inner Healer



Do you have an intuitive sense that a dormant gift within you has been quietly waiting to be awakened and embraced?


Although Reiki is most commonly recognised for its relaxation and stress reduction benefits, for those who are ready, it has the potential to completely transform your life!

Becoming attuned to Reiki can act as a catalyst for intense personal growth, opening your heart and raising your consciousness, unveiling a gateway back to your true self, path and purpose.

As you become more sensitive to your own energy, the energy of others and your surrounding environment, you will learn how to listen to your own inner wisdom; be present to the subtle messages the body offers and understand how to respond, helping you feel more connected to yourself, others and the world around you.

Reiki Gassho
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Online & Face-to-Face


5-6 AUG 2023


7-8 AUG 2023


7-22 OCT 2023


4-19 NOV 2023

Private 1-1 trainings available on request.

Certified Reiki Trainings

Level 1


Curious to learn how to work with energy?

This training will provide you with a strong foundation to begin your Reiki journey. You will learn about the history of Reiki, how it works, the benefits, and most importantly, all the practical skills you need to develop a self-healing practice and offer Reiki to friends and family.

Level 2


Ready to deepen your practice?

Becoming attuned to the three Level 2 symbols will help strengthen your ability to channel Reiki, and enable you to offer distance healing. You will learn how to utilise the symbols to enhance your practice, take a deep-dive into the chakra system and learn how to offer Reiki as a professional practitioner.

Level 3A


Seeking to develop your skills as a practitioner?

During this course you will become attuned to the sacred Master symbol, helping to deepen your connection with the Reiki energy. You will discover how to practice traditional Japanese techniques, tune into your intuition, and treat specific ailments. You will also learn how to enhance your treatments with crystals, pendulums and essential oils.

Level 3B


Feeling called to guide others along their path to awakening?


During this course you will learn how to give attunements and teach Reiki Level 1, 2, 3A & B, both in-person and online. This course focuses on the  practicalities of teaching, helping you to tap into your unique teaching style, and gain confidence in your ability to lead high quality, professional Reiki trainings.

Each level lays the foundation for you to continue your journey onto the next.


All courses include a balance of theory and practice, giving you the confidence and skills required to continue practicing long after a course ends.

Kate Parrott | Reiki Master Teacher

Meet Kate



Over the years I have seen from my own personal experience that learning Reiki has the ability to deeply impact and transform lives when learnt and practiced in a supportive environment, with a teacher you connect with.

Reiki is such an integral part of my everyday life - the practices I teach are the practices I use myself, because they really work!

As an unregulated industry, the way that Reiki courses are taught is down to the integrity of the Reiki Master teaching you.

Teaching live (whether that's in-person or online) in small groups or 1-1, gives me the opportunity to connect with students in a way that simply wouldn't be possible on a larger scale. I am grateful and humbled to say that I am still in touch with almost all my past students. 90% of them are still practicing Reiki on a regular basis, and 50% of them are practicing in a professional capacity.

The courses I teach are so much more than certifications; Reiki is a gift that will continue to guide the rest of your life, and I feel honoured to share this with you.

Teaching Approach





Private 1-1 trainings are available on request. Group trainings are kept intentionally small (max 6 participants) to allow for plenty of individual attention and opportunities to ask questions.





Teachings are based on the traditional Japanese practices taught by Usui, combined with a compliment of Western Reiki practices.





While maintaining the greatest respect for tradition, these teachings also draw on other areas of my personal expertise, offering a down-to-earth, digestible approach to a sacred esoteric system of healing.




In-person and online courses are both taught live, and include an equal balance of theory, hands-on practice, Q&As, and ongoing support.

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Experiences from Past Students

Reiki Testimonial

"I feel more connected to myself and others."


Kate’s approach to guiding new students into the Reiki world is gentle and understanding. As the journey began, I found it very helpful to have someone by my side each step of the way. Kate was the listening ear and guidance I needed throughout this process. Working with Reiki energy has allowed me to feel more connected to myself and others - stretching, mending and dissipating boundaries.


Thank you Kate!

Erica, USA


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More Than a Certification


These courses have been intentionally designed to give you the skills, knowledge and opportunities to experience the real-life transformational benefits Reiki has to offer, so that you leave feeling inspired and confident to continue practicing and evolving into your highest, most authentic expression of yourself, long after the course ends.

Our greatest healer is within each and every one of us.

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