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Shadow on the Wall

These innovative sessions combine Reiki with crystal healing and aromatherapy to help enhance the healing effects of the Reiki energy. 


Each session begins with a brief discussion, explaining what you can expect from the experience. You will then be invited to lay down, fully-clothed, and relax on a comfortable treatment table. The session will open with a guided relaxation, supported by gentle music, as I connect with the Reiki energy and your energy-field. At this stage I will select a combination of aromatherapy essential oils, and lay specific crystals on your body, to help strengthen and direct the Reiki energy. I will then apply gentle hand placements either on, or just above your body (physical touch is optional) to help release stagnant energy, rejuvenate areas low in energy, and restore a sense of peace, grounding and wholeness. 


After the treatment there will be an opportunity to discuss your experience and ask any questions you may have.

In-person sessions are offered from the privacy of my home in Ubud, surrounded by the tranquil sights and sounds of nature. 

90 mins: £85 GBP


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